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Today is an awesome day. Remember that mouthwatering pizza cake by Boston Pizza that we posted about a few months ago? Of course you do, we’ve all been dreaming about it ever since. Well there must be a fairy godmother over at Pillsbury, because they just made our overindulgent dream come true. Not only did they create their own scrumptious pepperoni pizza cake, they published an easy recipe so we can all go home and make pizza cakes of our own, the sooner the better.

Click here for the complete recipe and step-by-step instructions.

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Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color

1. Women Delivering Ice, 1918

2. Times Square, 1947

3. Portrait Used to Design the Penny. President Lincoln Meets General McClellan – Antietam, Maryland ca September 1862

4. Marilyn Monroe, 1957

5. Newspaper boy Ned Parfett sells copies of the evening paper bearing news of Titanic’s sinking the night before. (April 16, 1912)

6. Easter Eggs for Hitler, c 1944-1945

7. Sergeant George Camblair practicing with a gas mask in a smokescreen – Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 1942

8. Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin in 1919

9. Painting WWII Propaganda Posters, Port Washington, New York – 8 July 1942

10. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge ca 1935

See the rest here: http://noarmycanstopanidea.com/20-historic-black-and-white-pictures-restored-in-color/


The Misfits at the Freezer Theatre 1982 photos by Ruthless